Sunday, June 12, 2016

TJHSST Book Fair and B-Fest Teen Book Festival

I volunteered today at the book fair benefiting the Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology PTSA.

I am particularly thankful to all those who participated in our activities on this sad day, June 12, 2016, on the aftermath of the Orlando nightclub terror attacks. They don't deter us from living our lives and cherishing our children.

The book fair continues online from 06/12/16 to 06/17/16. Visit and support us by entering Bookfair ID 11847191 at checkout.

Conducting the B-Creative Workshop with local teens.
The book fair coincided with Barnes & Noble's nationwide B-Fest Teen Book Festival. As part of the festival, I hosted a special event for teens called B-Creative.

Some very bright kids attended this story development workshop created by Adaptive Studios and learned how to write a log line, create a spark page for their story, and reimagine popular characters.

Speaking to readers of Donovan's Devils.
I also hosted a discussion and signing of my books, Donovan's Devils and Operation Valuable Fiend. It was nice to meet everyone who stopped by and I enjoyed the lively discussion, especially with family members of the Italian OGs. who play a prominent role in Donovan's Devils.