Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Operation Valuable Fiend" Availability
Operation Valuable Fiend
(Arcade Publishing, 2014)
The hardcover edition of my book, Operation Valuable Fiend, is now available online for immediate delivery from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

At Amazon, you can also obtain the unabridged audio recording version of the book from Audible narrated by James Conlan.

On June 3 the book will be available at all major bookstores as well as in e-book formats (Kindle and Nook), which can be pre-ordered today.

Operation Valuable Fiend gives the full account of the CIA's very first venture into paramilitary operations in the early years of the Cold War against Albania, the weakest and most isolated of Moscow's satellites at that time. The operation served as the proving ground for techniques that would be used in later actions, by some of the same operatives, in Iran, Guatemala and the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion.

I have based the book on declassified CIA documents and first-person accounts from participants on all sides. It is a great story and it will be well worth your time reading it.

If you like Operation Valuable Fiend, please spread the word and share the book with others who may enjoy a good read as well. I would love it if you reach out to me with questions or comments.

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